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Photograph by APLES, S.A.


The company was formed in 1984 for the execution of direct cable burial works for the installation of S.O.S. pole communication systems on roads. Subsequently, it entered the world of drilling, starting with small compacting drilling rigs or "moles" as a necessary part to complete the projects it offered.
The need to install ducts in more compact areas has led to the development of our own trenchers, which we have been using since the early 1990s, both for the rehabilitation of water networks and for the development of communication networks, both cable and fibre.
In the mid-1990s, the first Raise Borer unit was acquired and horizontal drilling began with this equipment, soon demonstrating its great capacity, especially in very hard rock environments.
In the early 2000s, the equipment for laying prefabricated concrete ducts on high-speed lines was developed and marketed, which has been a best seller in its field, recognised for its high performance and excellent quality of execution.
Since then, developments have been made for specific solutions in the field of micro-trenchers for the installation of fibre optics, new drilling equipment and drilling techniques, shoring, sheet piling and ground support by driving rails and/or metal profiles and a long etcetera of solutions adapted to the needs of our clients.
Our philosophy is to provide solutions to problems that cannot be solved with conventional equipment, efficiently and cost-effectively.


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