Summary of the Main Developments at the AETOS General Assembly 2016

From left to right: Pedro Sola, Avelino Acero, Manuel Arnaiz and Miguel Fernandez Bollo chair the AETOS General Assembly 2016.

The celebration of the AETOS General Assembly took place last June 22nd in the Agustín de Betancourt Hall of the Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos and prior to the Technical Conference 2016 and the awarding of the Medal of Honorary Member to Laureano Cornejo Álvarez.

This year 2016 was the year for the renewal of the Board of Directors, for which only one candidacy was presented. The candidacy was unanimously approved by the General Assembly and its composition was as follows:

President: Manuel Arnáiz Ronda.

1st Vice-President: Miguel Fernandez-Bollo Martínez.

2nd Vice-President: Avelino Acero Díaz.

Secretary: Pedro Sola Casado.

Treasurer: Santiago Serrano Pérez.

Vice-treasurer: Pablo Bueno Tomás.


Julián Ferraz Sumillera.

Rafael Gómez del Río Sanz-Hernanz

Jose Polimón López.

Alberto Reguero Martínez.

Jesús Santamaría Arias.

Davor Simic Sureda.

Luis Miguel Viartola Laborda.

Member (former chairman): José Manuel Serrano Herrero

Mario Peláez. Chairman Working Group on Underground Work Repairs

Creation of the AETOS Technical Committee

In order to coordinate the activities of the Association's Working Groups and to support them, during this year's General Assembly it was approved, at the proposal of the Board of Directors, the creation of a Technical Committee composed of:

  • Avelino Acero
  • Manuel Arnáiz
  • Miguel Fernández-Bollo
  • Enrique Fernández
  • Mario Pelaez
  • Pedro Ramirez
  • Alberto Reguero
  • Pedro Sola

Group of alumni of the Master's Degree in Tunnelling and Underground Works

Commitment to Training for Professionals in the Tunnelling and Underground Industry

AETOS continues to be committed to training through the Master's Degree in Tunnels and Underground Works which will continue to be taught during 2017 in what will be its twelfth edition.

During the General Assembly, the members were able to ratify the support for the collaboration with the UNED and the process of virtualisation of the Master's Degree that is being carried out with the support of this University. National Distance University (UNED) as well as the process of virtualisation of the Master's Degree that is being carried out with the support of this University.

In the same way, it was encouraged to continue developing all the activities aimed at the international projection of the Master, such as agreements with Universities, Training entities, Associations, etc., especially in Latin America, where the Master has the greatest support.

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